1930s sunglasses . vintage 30s eyewear

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A pair of 1930s plastic sunglasses with (mostly) round lenses. The frame is a semi-transparent orange color. 


They measure 5" at widest point, and 1 13/16" in height (including frame). The length of the arm before it begins to bend is 4 1/4"

Condition: Very good. Arms bend slightly outward, but doesn't affect wearability/fit. They have a tiny nick on the bridge that isn't noticeable unless you're up close and looking for it (see next to last photo), and arms are slightly yellowed. I'm being super picky about describing flaws--these present very well!

Note: I have two pairs of 1930s sunglasses and two glasses cases (that the sunglasses came in). If you're the first person to buy a pair of the sunglasses, you can choose your case if you'd like--see last pic.